Working for home make it easy!

by | Jan 19, 2021 | TIPS + TOOLS

How to keep productive working from home & make it easy!

How long have you all been working from home? only since the lockdown? Well let me tell you i’m like this for over 5 years now! working from home is not easy and definitely harder. It seems to be that everybody says it is easier and more chill to work from home, but they forget the part that there’s actually work in household too!

Like shopping, cooking, children, pets, housekeeping, there always seems to be an invisible job waiting for you and I don’t know why they  said that working from home was chill and easy when you already have so much to do there anyway.

One of the first practices I realised was lacking from my routine was that of  daily organisation and how the little things can take a lot of time from your work.

So let me be honest here, domestic organisation was not my strength when i started out on this adventure! yes sometimes I now work with comfy clothes on my sofa but only since the lockdown suddenly has the need for comfy clothing for working from home become the fashion, I was with normal clothing always

Organization is the key…

Yes! Organisation!  cooking, cleaning, shopping so we decided to make only one day for shopping, cleaning and dinners with menus and also the best part is you have time for yourself too!

If you wake up with “I have nothing to wear” and your closet is full that can really take all the energy from your brain, so I decide to plan what to wear the day before and just have a simple  wardrobe for every day! YESSS!

Theres so many good articles about capsule wardrobe that help a lot by just teaching you to buy the things you need and mix and match to make the life very easy! of course you can work to organise your schedule to process client time and leave time for creativity and inspirations too! walks and coffee are probably my favourite things to make me happy; a little me time with a coconut cappuccino in hand!

The most important thing for me and me family is to have time to relax, cooking something or just dancing around with my daughter, we love to play with the dog and he’s a good boi so we love small walks together when it is at all possible, and something else; disconnect from social media, (that was really tough for me!) turn off all notifications and alerts and let your mind rest from the distractions and  bad news that seems to surround us and give you some time for yourself and your loved ones! so find the things that are quietly making your day harder and plan a way to reduce or remove them, identify the things that make you happy and relaxed, then plan to make more time for these and organise your work schedule from there.

Hope this helps!